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Experienced Guidance For Creating A Will

If you died tomorrow would your family know what you want done with your financial assets and property? Creating a last will and testament can provide you the peace of mind of knowing you have had your say while also relieving your loved ones of the burden that comes with having to blindly make those decisions in our absence.

Having an experienced estate planning lawyer draft your last will and testament can eliminate the margin for error and ensure your estate is in good hands. In Napa and surrounding communities, Day, Pace, York & York, offers estate planning services from attorneys with more than 35 years of experience.

What Is A Will?

A will is a document that directs the disposition of property at the time of the property owner’s death. It addresses who will receive the property, at what time and who will take care of minor children, if any.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services Start With A Will

Our estate planning lawyers help clients provide for the future of their loved ones, ensuring the best possible estate plan. Estate planning includes planning how and when your partner, family member or loved ones will receive the inheritances. We also have experience helping clients provide for community causes, donations and charities after their death. As your attorneys we are capable of helping you plan financial support for people you wish to provide for, regardless of what family members suggest.

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