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At Day, Pace, York & York, we take great pride in assisting our clients with all their estate planning, probate and estate administration needs in Napa, California and surrounding communities. Our skilled team of attorneys works diligently to maximize the value of every estate by reducing expenses and taxes. During the probate process, our team aids executors and beneficiaries through the in-depth process of distributing assets and winding down an estate.

Helping You Protect Your Assets And Loved Ones

Our estate planning lawyers help clients provide for the future of their loved ones, ensuring the best possible estate plan. Estate planning includes planning how and when your partner, family member or loved ones will receive the inheritances. We also have experience helping clients provide for community causes, donations and charities after their death. As your attorneys we are capable of helping you plan financial support for people you wish to provide for, regardless of what family members suggest.

We offer professional legal guidance and representation for all aspects of estate planning, including:

In addition to wills, trusts and health care directives, it is important to have a power of attorney in place to protect your interests. A power of attorney determines who would take care of your finances if you were faced with a terminal condition. This document dictates who should be able to make medical decisions and be allowed access to medical records, if faced with a situation which you were unlikely to recover, or if you suffered mental incapacity.

As your asset protection attorneys we are open to an honest discussion about what you need to protect, who should be involved and what you aim to avoid in your case.

Ensuring Financial Security During The Probate Process

Losing a loved one is an emotional hardship and working out the financial aspect, such as your loved one’s trust, may be the last thing on your mind. Our Napa probate attorneys have more than 30 years of experience handling trust administration and probate cases and can help ease your load during this emotionally draining time.

If your loved one did not have trust, or owned assets that were not accounted for in the trust, we can help you with a probate that will resolve these issues. As your attorneys we can ensure that all the assets are properly transferred, the debt of the estate is paid and the beneficiaries notified.

The costs involved in the probate process can vary, but at our law firm we provide a fixed fee. We work hard to eliminate unnecessary work in the process and place the success of our clients’ cases ahead of financial profit.

Providing Resolution Of Assets

In most probate and trust administration cases a certain amount of negotiation will take place. Negotiation is more efficiently handled with the aid of legal representation to help protect against possible issues, such as lack of accounting or communication, or family members who may have hidden assets. In such situations we conduct a fact finding investigation. We try to find an agreeable solution to the problem rather than putting it into the hands of the court. With our deep knowledge of the law we have been successful at reaching a settlement based on common understanding and establishing points where both sides are able to reach their goals. Our Napa probate and trust litigation attorney has more than 30 years of experience in guiding our clients in negotiations that result in the best possible solution.

California Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Disputes requiring litigation can occur in situations where the trustor or parent hasn’t left any instructions prior to death, leaving the beneficiaries to independently interpret and determine their rights or roles. After a parent dies, his or her child may still be living in the deceased parent’s property refusing to pay rent. The deceased parent’s trust may very well allow any beneficiary to reside on the property rent-free or at a reduced rent price, however this should be resolved with the help of proper representation. Our experienced lawyers have helped numerous beneficiaries understand their rights and managed their expectations in terms of the trust.

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